Jan 7, 2010

January 23-24 Photo Workshops

Just a little reminder that we're still taking registrations for my studio photography/lighting workshops, being held on January 23rd and 24th!  Space is getting limited for the 24th but there are still one or two spots available.

Saturday's session will be a solid primer on studio photography and lighting for the advanced amateur or intermediate photographer.  We'll be looking at things from the perspective of a portrait or fashion photographer and covering studio basics, metering, use of accessories like appleboxes and flags, grey cards and utilizing simple one- and two-light setups.

Sunday's session will be intended for photographers with a focus on fashion work.  We'll spend much of the day discussing self-promotion, working with model agencies, constructing a portfolio, testing, the differences between shooting for a "real person" and shooting for wardrobe, working with a team.  Additionally, we'll be demonstrating and working with several lighting setups especially-suited to fashion work.

More information is available at my site - if you have any questions or would like to register, just send me an email at booking@simongerzina.com.

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Holly said...

Are you having anymore of these?