Apr 1, 2010

Music to Shoot By

I'm on the road with clients for the next week, so you'll have to excuse this slouch of a post.

Curious what's on heavy rotation on the studio stereo while we're working?  Read on!

Be warned: this represents my taste and no one else's.  One of the few places I can totally pull rank in the studio is being the boss of the playlist.  Usually.  Well, sometimes.

In no particular order:

1. TV on the Radio, "Halfway Home"
2. TV on the Radio, "Golden Age"
3. Nine Inch Nails, "Discipline"
4. Spoon, "I Turn My Camera On"
5. Flight of the Conchords, "Business Time"
6. Mark Ronson, "Oh My God"
7. The Grassy Knoll, Positive
8. MGMT, "Electric Feel"
9. Girls Against Boys, "One Perfect Thing"
10. The Hives, "Tick Tick Boom"
11. The Von Bondies, "C'mon C'mon"
12. Jet, "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"
13. Phoenix, "1901"
14. Radiohead, "Reckoner"
15. Shiny Toy Guns, "Ghost Town"
16. Keane, "Again & Again"

Something else I should be listening to?  Put it in the comments!

1 comment:

Matt said...

GVSB is the best band ever! Good to see someone else is listening! :)