Mar 22, 2010

Held Together by Chewing Gum and Paperclips

Image via the always-entertaining Photoshop Disasters blog (though this seems to be a "Lack-of-Photoshop Disaster").

Posted to make a point: much like the earlier post about makeup, people need to remember that fashion photography is artifice.  People aren't that perfect, clothes don't magically hug every curve of everyone other than you.

By the time we're done styling a model she can frequently only be shot from one angle...because the other is covered in clothespins and binder clips and tape.

Does the shirt pooch out a little bit over her tummy?  Clothespin it.  Waist is a little loose on those pants?  Safety pins in the waistband.  Model doesn't have quite the perfect cleavage in that tanktop?  Stick a couple of "chicken cutlets" in her bra (silicone pads that, well, put things where you want them).  And this is before the actual Photoshop, where models are routinely rearranged and rebuilt such that they don't even resemble themselves.

Remember, it's all about control...before you start snapping, look at what's in front of you and ask yourself, "is this what I want it to look like?"

Anna Webber makes some touch-ups on Sylvia before we shoot a commercial look.

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Destry Jaimes said...

I think more than half of my grip box is filled with clamps, tape, clips, fasteners, rubber bands, etc, etc, etc ...

Just part of my "lifesaver" kit ;)